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We are an engagement marketing firm.  We impact human behavior through the principles of advertising, direct marketing, events, interactive, training, sales promotion, technology, social media, networking & public relations.

  • strategIZE
  • create
  • execuTE
  • optimize

We’d rather be selling

As much as we enjoy sail boats, we’d rather sell boats…or cars, healthcare or any product or service you can think of. We’re experts in engagement marketing, and have driven millions of dollars in sales with a deceptively simple roadmap:

  • We listen to you. What challenges are piling stress on your shoulders?
  • We collaborate with you. Together we’ll create a custom solution to relieve the pressure.
  • We measure your results. We use the power of data to navigate the most effective course
  • We refine your solution. We adjust our course to get you exactly where you need to be

our team

  • Tim Ameser


  • Vincent Barrett


  • Brad Bekowies


  • Anita Cowart

    Account Executive

  • Terry Cowart

    Technology Specialist

  • Edward Eades

    Technology Specialist

  • Bob Greenham


  • Paul Keyes

    Technology Specialist

  • Greg Laporte


  • Lori Luxon


  • Tim Mullahy

    Managing Director, CRM Specialist

  • Charles Sanders

    Technology Specialist

  • Jessica Smith

    Client Services/Social Media

  • Rex Smith

    Principal Owner/Founder/Creative

  • Sue Smith

    Human Resources

  • Amy Spurlin


  • Ted Stacy

    Client Services/Strategy/Creative

  • Carol Yavruian


Beach Buddies

The best part of Beach is the friends we’ve made along the way. From big brands to small businesses, people come to us for solutions over and over again. Because they know when they come to Beach, it’s handled.

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  • Amway
  • Urban Science
  • Preferred Dental Group

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